An outlook inside our craftsmen

During the fourth meeting, held in Ioannina between the 22nd and 24th of March 2015, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Ioannina, partners have met with the aim to share the view of craftsmen about which competences count the most for a sustainable development of craft businesses.


Nicola Boccini, Ceramic Artist in Deruta

I am the director of a private ceramic art school in Deruta called “Romano Ranieri Art School”  and one of the founders in 2001. I am currently coordinator of the C.L.S. group (Free Ceramic Research Artists) that I founded in 1997 along with other artists and I am art consultant for the festival of theatre, dance and visual arts in Zdarzenia, Poland.


Aikaterini Vaimaki. Owner of Epirotic Cellar which produces elixirs, natural wines and vinegar.
Maria Konstantinidou, owner of Pandora Gaia Company which produces original jams and chutneys.
Nikos Spanellis, member of Spanelli Company which produces Traditional Homemade Pastaof Epirus.
Pavlos Kourgias President of Center of Traditional Industry of Ioannina (KEPAVI) which is a share company of Silversmithing sector in Ioannina.
Evangellos Kiriazis, director of Center of Traditional Industry of Ioannina (KEPAVI) which is a share company of Silversmithing sector in Ioannina.


Ana Rita Correia, makes decorative pieces with felt, keychain, purse, small frames, etc .;
Madalena Fernandes and Maria Abreu, they work in an artisans association, working in linen textiles, make traditional valentines scarfes, towels, etc.;
Carlos Medeiros, works in “burel” (tipical wool) makes coats, hats, bags and decorative pieces;
Rosa Ribeiro, she manages a craft center, works in linen, makes clothes, towels, etc., training courses;
Jacinta Correia, makes liqueurs, jams and tea with biological products and has a small shop;
Cláudia Fernandes, woks in a craft association, woks in linen embroidery and loom work;
Amélia Gonçalves, makes decorative painting;
José Moscoso, makes wood miniatures of granaries and agricultural utensils.


Stela Koleva – artist, craftsmen, makes jewelries from polymer clay, working with copper since 2014 (coppersmithing and etching copper);
Dobrina Lazarova – craftsmen (cooker), provide catering services, organize culinary events and training courses;
Dian Zaykov and Marieta Zaykova – owners of small shop for handmade jewelries and souvenirs in Burgas called Umbopo;
Stefan Minchev – PR (press attache) of Municipality Burgas.

The results of the workshop in Greece brought to the discussion

  • Develop competences regarding new techniques
  • Encourage young people to approach with craft sector
  • Innovation in craft production but in the manner of keeping the traditional aspects.
  • Know how to manage their own business and be able to get some financial resources and founds from EU.
  • ICT knowledge and skills
  • Gain knowledge in e-commerce, e-marketing and e-advertising
  • Gain knowledge and skills regarding the main EU policies on environmental protection
  • Be familiar with the energy resources
  • Apply techniques of energy reduction in the daily life of their company/workshop




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